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On this site you will find honest words and a passion for writing intuitively. Intrepid is my place for thought, explicating stuff (literature, movies, societal issues, etc.) and conversations. From personal posts, essays, columns and more: this is everything I tend to care about.  

Image by Images By Abigail

Image by Images By Abigail

Published Work:


The Arizona Republic: Tempe Bride Prank, Songbird’s 6th Anniversary, First Friday, Taste America, Hood Yoga and more.

The Hustle is Female: 6 Critical Themes in BLL


Butler University’s Literary Magazine ‘Manuscripts’ 2018: ‘We All Have Them’

Shakkira Harris

Owner/Publisher -- Journalist & Writer

I am a graduate from the thriving metropolitan area that is IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis. From this campus I acquired a BA in journalism and a minor in literature. I am a level two in American Sign Language.

I'm all for great conversation, eating breakfast for dinner and the jeans/t-shirt combo are preferred over any other outfit choice. 

I have a keen passion for experiencing other people's passions. My heart lies with fine literature, pop culture criticism, Netflix and simply following what makes me happy in the moment.